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Robbins Garbage Guide: Nature's Neighbor Edition

When you live beside nature, clean streets aren't a luxury—they're a duty. Here's your guide to garbage, minus the stink.

Container Code: Use approved bins. Public land isn't your trash heap. Fines apply.

Burn or Bury? Just don't. Waste belongs in approved bins or specialized facilities.

Timeliness: Trash overstaying its welcome earns you a fine. Use collection services.

Prep Work: Drain liquids, wrap refuse. Ashes go in only when cold.

Hands Off: Messing with others' bins is a legal snag. Fines abound.

Special Collections:

  • Tree limbs: four feet long, three inches diameter. Max.
  • Light refuse: Bag it. Limit is 20 bags, under 50 pounds each.
  • Oversized: Not eligible for collection. Contract it out.

Cost: $12.50 monthly fee, billed with water.

Life here has its own implicit code. Let's turn garbage management into a civic ballet, not a neighborhood blight.

Terms to Know:

  • Garbage: Putrescible waste.
  • Refuse: Nonputrescible waste.
  • Solid Waste: Garbage plus Refuse.
  • Tree Trimmings: It's literal.

Common Questions:

  • What day is garbage collected in Robbins?
  • How do the holidays affect my pickup schedule?
  • Which company picks up Garbage in my area?
  • When is Robbins's bulk trash collection?
  • Where can I find the recycling calender for Robbins?

The city of Robbins, North Carolina belongs to the Moore county and has the following zip codes registered:

Cities in Moore county:

City NamePopulation
Southern Pines14657
Seven Lakes4903
Whispering Pines4078

City Statistics

  • Population 1,221
  • Average Income $40,200
  • Average Rent $479
  • Average Home $78,009

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