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Pick-up schedule in Trent Woods [NC]

This is the stub page for Trent Woods, North Carolina. Please use the Search function to find the collection schedule for your address.

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  • What day is garbage collected in Trent Woods?
  • How do the holidays affect my pickup schedule?
  • Which company picks up Garbage in my area?
  • When is Trent Woods's bulk trash collection?
  • Where can I find the recycling calender for Trent Woods?

The city of Trent Woods, North Carolina belongs to the Craven county and has the following zip codes registered:

Cities in Craven county:

City NamePopulation
New Bern51308
James City5354
Brices Creek4342
Trent Woods4021
River Bend3026
Fairfield Harbour2770
Neuse Forest1536

City Statistics

  • Population 4,021
  • Average Income $90,119
  • Average Rent $1,292
  • Average Home $237,519

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